Những bản nhạc phim hàn quốc hay nhất ( The best OSTs) _Part 1

RIJIN NGUYEN 02/02/2017 5.6M lượt

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Danh sách tên bài hát:
1. Everytime- Descendants of the sun
2. Once again- Descendants of the sun
3. Say it ! what are you doing? - Descendants of the sun
4. Stay with me- Goblin
5. You are the world- Legend of the blue sea
6. Draw a love- Two worlds
7. Where are U? - Two worlds
8. In the illusion- Two worlds
9. For you- Moon lovers
10. Find a wrong picture- Uncontrollably fond
11. Only U- Uncontrollably fond
12. Ring my bell- Uncontrollably fond
13. No way - Doctors
14. One more step- She was pretty
15. Reset- School 2015
16. Return- school 2015
17. That name- school 2015
18. Love song- school 2015
19. Tantara- The entertainer
20. To your dream- the entertainer
21. My romeo- Cinderella and four knights
22. confession- Cinderella and four knights
23. I believe- Cinderella and four knights
24. For you- Cinderella and four knights